What You Need to Know to Select the Right Shade Sails

You may already be familiar with the numerous advantages shade sails offer, such as their ability to block UV rays, decrease both the air and surface temperatures, lessen the amount of sun damage, and extend the lifespan of shaded furniture and equipment. However, you might need to figure out what to look for when selecting shade sails of the highest quality to make the most of those benefits and improve your location. Here are some things you should keep in mind when shopping for shade sails.

It’s All About the Quality

Before you purchase shade, double-check that the guarantee provides adequate coverage and that the materials used are appropriate for the climate and conditions in your region. Fabric that absorbs UV rays is resistant to wind, and does not mold or mildew should be used to construct shade sails since it is long-lasting and simple to maintain. Apollo Sunguard is made from high-density, breathable polyethylene resistant to mildew and mold. These qualities make it an excellent choice for sun protection. Apollo Sunguard shade sails have been proven to block up to 98% of Ultraviolet rays and comply with fire retardant requirements. In addition, these sails come with a warranty that is good for 15 years.

What method will you use to connect your shade sails? Existing structures, in addition to frameworks that stand on their own, can serve as anchor points. Apollo Sunguard’s shade structures are made from cold-rolled, triple-layered galvanized tubular steel. This type of tubular steel has greater tensile strength and more resistance to corrosion over the long term than most steel. When equipped with shade sails or shade covers, Apollo Sunguard steel structures can withstand winds of up to 115 miles per hour; when these coverings are removed, they can survive gusts of up to 180 miles per hour. These buildings come with a warranty that is good for 20 years.

Design for both functionality and aesthetics.

When selecting a shade solution, it is important to seek a design, color, and form to improve the site’s aesthetics and functionality. The shade provided by triangular shade sails is light and airy, and the sails can be overlapped to provide more coverage. Furthermore sails can be modified to fit a variety of spaces. You can get assistance from the engineers at Apollo Sun Gard in selecting the optimal shade sail color and design for your needs. An infinite number of combinations are possible, given the 17 fabric colors and 11 frame colors available. If nothing meets your requirements, Tent Shed will work with you to develop a design that is unique to your needs.

Select shade sails with a simple method to remove and set them back up again. Steer clear of sails, including eyelets or grommets, since these features can become damaged. The Quick Release SystemTM, which is Tent Shed distinctive product, makes it simple to remove shade sails and reinstall them in less than five minutes and does not involve the use of any specialized tools. You’ll be able to rapidly set and maintain cable tension with the help of our galvanized hardware and cable studs made of stainless steel, resulting in flawless and wrinkle-free sails.

Collaborate with Qualified Individuals

When shopping for shade sails, finding a trusted company that you can put your faith in is the most critical factor to consider. Tent Shed has been at the forefront of shade innovation and offers the most comprehensive warranty in the business. We have experience shading public parks, professional sports facilities, and government sites, and we are interested in shading the next project you have in mind. You can reach Tent Shed by phone at +971 55 804 7449 or by sending an email to info@tentshed.com

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