Tent is a high-quality, modular-designed tent constructed of robust and durable aluminum frames on the market. It’s simple to assemble and disassemble, and it’s the finest permanent and temporary storage option for a logistics firm during peak season.

PVC Aluminum Tent is a one-of-a-kind fire-resistant product that is replacing standard construction mechanisms in a variety of applications.

PVC Tents are extremely sturdy and lightweight, are simple to erect, and can be molded, welded, and connected into a range of beautiful tent designs. Weathering, chemical rotting, corrosion, stress, and abrasion resistance are all features of this product.


Tent Shed offers manufacture and distribution of the large number of tent products available on the market, and it is from this strong foundation that we have built our core business to become the global leader in the tent manufacturing sector today.

Tent for sale items from Tent Shed include
Camping Tents, Family Tents, Commercial Tents for Sale,Beach Tents, Hotel and Restaurant Tents, Wedding Tents for Sale, Small Party Tents for Sale & Large Party Tents for Sale, Exhibition Tents for Sale, Military Tents for Sale, Majlis Tents, Labour Tents, Ramadan Tents, Refugee Tents, and other related products.

Optional accessories include:

Lighting is one of the optional extras.
Audio-visual equipment
System of air conditioning
Tables and chairs of all kinds
Mobile toilets for the stage
Floor coverings of all kinds
Sandwich wall with glass doors, glass wall, and ABS hard wall
Transparent coverings and sidewalls, as well as clear PVC windows
Drain pipe, rain gutter
Inside curtains, decorative roof and wall lining, etc.

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