Car Parking Shades

Car Parking Shade Products – The company is a leader in the production of tents and the distribution of car parking shade products. Currently, we have offices in Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in addition to offices across the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


The Magic of Our Breathable Shade Technology

Because our shade structures are constructed from the best breathable shade materials available, air can easily circulate, simulating the shade that trees provide and naturally reducing the outside temperature by up to 90 degrees.


Tent and Car Parking Shade



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Truss Car Parking Shades

Truss car parking shade blinds are also ideal for seats and sports fields, allowing for clear sports watching while staying cool and protected from the sun.


Car Parking Shade Products of After you’ve purchased your dream car, it’s imperative that you maintain it properly. When your automobile is parked at home, car shades can help protect it from a variety of damages. Sunshade provides the most cost-effective parking lot shading solutions in Dubai. We specialize in the manufacture and delivery of all sorts of steel structures, aluminum frames, and outdoor shade structures with any type of technological fabric, including PVDF (KNITTED), PVC, PTFE ETFE, ACRYLIC, and HDPE (KNITTED).

We offer a wide variety of sunshade structures shades products, including all types car parking shades, all types tensile shade structure, all kinds of swimming pool shades, all sorts of outdoor sunshades and all types beach shades, all types of Wedding shades, retractable Majlis Pagoda more of Tents shades, Pergola types and Marquee, Warehouse tent masjid School Shades Arabian Marquee tent, more of tent Products or Outdoor Awning sails, permanent Labour tent & shades Dome tent, Gazebo Roof includes umbrella or Sitting Sheds, and Patio shades.

TentShed uses the most recent technologies and best practices to develop environmentally-friendly and high-quality products. The Technical Design and Engineering Department is essential in the production of products. TentShed is equipped with German-made machinery and the latest technologies.

This enables us to provide high-quality products and services that go above and beyond the expectations of our customers. We are innovative and business-minded in all types of shade and tents manufacturing products. TentShed can help ensure that your events projects succeed and make them memorable. TentShed’s and structures can be used in a variety of applications, from small concession stands to large-scale events. We have extensive experience meeting diverse customer needs. We are always focused on quality.