When Choosing a Shade Structure, It’s Important to Consider this Three Factors

Choosing a Shade Structure

Materials and Engineering of the Highest Quality
Because we only work with the highest quality materials, Our shade sails and structures are long-lasting, simple to keep up with maintenance, and efficient at lowering the amount of ultraviolet radiation that is absorbed as well as the temperatures in the shade

Large Variety of Different Designs
Apollo Sunguard guarantees that they have a solution that will fulfil the requirements of your project because they provide 32 various structural styles to pick from. Do you require something to be customised? At Apollo Sunguard, our number one priority is to give you a custom-made shade structure that no one other will have.

Strong Guarantees Offered
The Tent Shed guarantee is the most comprehensive in the industry, covering the entire fabric for 10 years and the steel framework for 5 years. Because our manufacturer warranty is non-prorated, you can rest assured that your shade will continue to receive the same level of protection in year 10 as it did in year 1.

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