UAE’s Professional Porta Cabin Manufacturer & Supplier

TentShed is the leader in porta cabin manufacturing and supply in UAE (Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah Abu Dhabi Sharjah, Sharjah and Ajman), Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Prefabricated structures such as accommodation cabins, multistoried buildings, modified containers and security cabins are our specialty. We are the most experienced portacabin manufacturer in UAE, with over 20 years of experience.

UAE’s Leading Porta Cabin Suppliers

Porta Cabins are the future – Portacabins will be around for a long time, especially in these times of growing populations and congested areas. Portacabins have a unique feature and are more popular than traditional buildings. It’s portable and easy-to-install. TentShed, the highest-quality Porta Cabin Manufacturer in UAE of any size, can be used for any purpose.

You can move our portable or Porta Cabin buildings to suit your needs, no matter if you need them moved to a new location on an existing site or to new premises. They don’t require a foundation. A flat surface will suffice. These buildings are very cost-effective and economical. Portacabins can be used for many purposes, including classrooms, accommodation and ablutions. Portacabins are a great choice for space needs due to their unrivaled flexibility.

UAE’s Most Trusted Porta Cabin Manufacturer

Tent Shed is the most trusted and respected Porta Cabin Manufacturer in UAE. We manufacture and install high-quality porta cabins throughout the UAE from our factory and office in SAIF Zone Sharjah. Our portacabins can be manufactured in our Sharjah SAIF Zone factory rather than being built on-site. This allows us to keep our costs down. You will find a wide range of amenities in our buildings, including insulation and air conditioning. These portable cabins are already built and can be installed quickly, which saves you time and hassle.

TentShed is a porta cabin manufacturer in the UAE that specializes in making safe, functional, portable cabins for every need. We have a wide range of products to suit your needs, including flooring and shades.

What is a Porta Cabin?

A Porta Cabin is a portable structure that can easily be moved from one location to the next. These port cabins are generally made from sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials. They can be moved around rather than being permanently fixed in one place. Portable buildings are a larger version of portable cabins.

Portable cabins or Porta Cabin can be used in many applications, including site office, security, cabin, accommodation storage, toilets, etc. These portable cabins are an affordable alternative to traditional buildings. These structures are unique because of their versatility.

Portable cabins or Porta Cabin can be used for either temporary or permanent purposes, such as parties and home construction. They can last many years.

We offer a variety of Porta Cabins

Prefabricated Office Cabins

TentShed offers a variety of prefabricated office cabins that can be connected side-by-side or end to side. You can trust us if you need to expand your office quickly or are looking for an office cabin that will fit on a construction site. We offer the best products on the market.

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Interior Design for Office Cabins

Our experts can help you improve the interiors of your office cabins. An environment that is pleasant will improve the productivity of your employees.

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Multistorey Cabins

We offer a wide range of multi-storey cabins that can be quickly installed to meet the needs of our clients.

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Temporary site office

Construction industries often want their employees to be away of the main office building. It is important to keep the office running smoothly, so companies create temporary offices in cabins. We are the largest supplier of temporary office space in the Middle East.

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Prefab Accommodation Building

Prefabricated accommodation units are constructed with high quality materials and can be used anywhere you require them. Our experts will inspect the site before installation to ensure that you receive excellent service.

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Modified containers

Modified containers can be used for both long-term and short-term purposes. They are strong and flexible. These containers are easy to move and can be used for both office and home use.

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Prefab Mosque and Majilis

Although the country has many beautiful mosques, there are still some communities that lack religious and gathering spaces. TentShed has made a significant contribution to the urban space in the Middle East by providing Prefab Mosque (and Majilis) They are made of high quality materials to last longer.

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Portable Security Cabin

It is a noble act of generosity to offer a safe space for security personnel in the midst of this heat. We supply and manufacture the finest security cabins in the area, and we will show our appreciation to all your employees who guard the property.

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Portacabin rental

We offer a wide range of portable cabin rentals if you don’t need one or you just want to rent one. Check out our gallery to find the right one for you. Call us to discuss your requirements and we’ll make the design for you.

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Porta Cabins

Prefabricated structures such as Prefab House, Porta Cabins, Portable Cabins, Portable Site Offices, and Portable Cabins are our specialty. We can provide smart, simple solutions to all your needs. Tent Shed cabins are compact, reliable, high quality, affordable, and of the highest quality.

We create Porta Cabin that meets the customer’s requirements and specifications. Our designs are flexible, comfortable, and versatile. Cabins can be easily and quickly installed on your site according to your requirements. We can also assist you in selecting accessories for your cabins, such as furniture and electric fittings.

Our Portable Cabins or Porta Cabin can be used to make your site accommodation portable and comfortable, even in remote locations. These Porta cabins can be used as site offices, labor accommodation, storerooms, and warehouses, among other uses. Each cabin is made to customer specifications and provides excellent after-sales service.

Quality is our motto. We want to keep our customers happy by providing them with a high-quality Porta Cabin and excellent service.

Why Porta Cabins?

Porta Cabin is a Portable House that can easily be assembled and dismantled in order to move. Porta Cabin has the advantage that it can be modified or reconstructed.

Prefabricated buildings may be made up of components, such as prefabricated. Panels, modular or transportable sections may be used. Mobile home may also be called prefabricated.

Prefabrication is available for all weather conditions in GCC today. These panels are eco-friendly and create a green house. Porta Cabins are made in sections/Panels and transported to their final destination for construction and installation.

These Porta Cabin are usually installed and treated as a regular office. These houses are affordable and can be built in a few days. The sections of the house come prefabricated. The modules or sections are assembled at the construction site just like a normal home/office.

Modern designs are now integrated into prefabricated cabins or Porta Cabins. There has been an increase in the usage of “green” materials for the construction of these cabins. You can choose from a variety of environmentally-friendly wall systems and finishes. These cabins can be customized to suit the client’s location and climate.

“We mostly dealing with all kinds of Porta Cabin design in all over GCC”

Our Porta Cabin Services

Our team is made up of highly skilled workers who are dedicated to delivering the best product every time. We are proud to have many satisfied customers and we know you will too. You can count on us if you need a portacabin, or if you have any other space-related issues. We are always available to assist you. Contact us