Street Parking Shades

These top-quality knitted shade cloths are ideal for protection in any weather. Made from UV-stabilised high density polyethylene, they’re available in a variety of different types of sunblock.

Our products are specifically created to shield cars from heat build-up, small hail and sun-damaged stones. No matter what the desired application whether commercial, industrial or domestic, we have the perfect car park cover fabric to do the task.





Street Parking Shades for the car park is an excellent product that will keep your car cool during a scorching hot summer who what to park over the street area.

Tent Shed Street Parking Shades , manufacture and installs lightweight shading structures that still look appealing to the eye and surrounding. Our design team will develop an appropriate shade to match the style and appearance of your house. We can also provide all-inclusive solutions for your project. We assure you that the work will be completed within the timeframe and within your budget.

A Street Parking Shades for your car parking is a fantastic idea, and is a fantastic solution to safeguard your car in hot climates in particular somewhere in UAE or in the Middle East region. The basic idea behind the Street Parking Shades is made up of a structure made of steel that is covered with a roof material particularly HDPE PVC, PTFE and many others with their own advantages and disadvantages based on the individual’s needs.

Tent Shed Dubai are experts in the design, manufacturing, and installation of a broad assortment of Street Parking Shades that are available in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi and across all Emirates of UAE. In contrast to other Parking Shades sellers, we offer a variety of shades. Our team of designers utilizes the most recent software technologies that are an excellent tool for design in steel forms, foundation design, form-finding and fabric pattering, to design unique shade structures for car parks that are reliable, safe and economical.

The abovestreet parking shades designs are available in a variety of sizes, including standard and custom dimensions. The structure has been designed to withstand high tension winds of up to 160km/h. With a minimum of 10 years guarantee.

If you want to choose the fabric for your parking lot’s shade structures based on the local climate and weather, you have a wide range of options to choose from:

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2 reviews for Street Parking Shades

  1. Isabella Sato

    My villa’s new garage shades has transformed my villa’s appeal. It’s a must-have for any villa owner looking to protect their car in style.

  2. Liam Al-Mansoor

    The portable shade for car is a real game-changer. It’s sleek, practical, and enhances the overall beauty of my villa.

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