Pyramid Bottom Support Car Parking Shades

Pyramid Bottom Support Car Parking Shades These shades offer maximum protection is attractive and very pleasing to the eye. The well-engineered pyramid top support shades provide greater safety for cars. Tent Shed. Delivers its pyramid car parking shades to Dubai, Abu-Dhabi Sharjah Sharjah Fujairah Umm Al Quwain and Al Ain. We also deliver our products to all Gulf countries upon request.

Pyramid Bottom Support Car Parking Shades These fabrics are made from world-class fabrics such as PTFE Fabrics, HDPE Fabrics, and PVC Fabrics. They are highly effective for Pyramid Top Support Parking Shades in the UAE climate. Pyramid parking shades are Flame Radiant. Dimensional. Thermal Comfort. UV Resistant. Snow Resistant. Wind Resistant. These shades are made from pyramid top support and can increase safety and shine for your car. They also reduce windscreen cracking and make the dashboard and electronics safer.

Pyramid Bottom Support Car Parking Shades Advantages

  • Pyramid Shades Keep vehicle’s shine and gloss.
  • Pyramid Shades Keep your electronics safe in your car
  • Pyramid Shades UV Resistant
  • Pyramid Shades Windscreen cracking Reduction
  • Pyramid Shades Reduce heat in your car




We manufacture and supply the best pyramid car parking shades in Dubai. Pyramid Car Shades can be manufactured in both top and bottom support designs.

Pyramid Top Support Parking Shades Designs are available in different sizes and steel materials depending on your requirements.

Pyramid Design Car Parking Shade Standard Sizes

  • 6.0m x 3.0m (Good For 1 Car)
  • 6.0m x 6.0m (Good For 2 Car)

Size can be Modified as Per your request.

Pyramid Design: Parking Shades with a Pyramid Top For their unique design, pyramid-shaped car parking shade structures have been widely accepted. These shades can be used in parks, residential areas, and open-air car parking. For more details

Features Description
Available Sizes Pyramid Top Support Car Parking Shades Available in Different Sizes and steel material

according to the requirements and parking shade Design.

Standard Sizes Are:

  • 6.0m x 3.0m (Good For 1 Car)
  • 6.0m x 6.0m (Good For 2 Car)
  • 2.5m Open Height (Height can be modified on Request)

Size can be Modified as Per request.

Fabric PVC, PTFE and HDPE
Structure MS Structure, GI Structure and Hot Deep Galvanize.
Color Options White | Cream | Green | Dark Green

Dark Grey | Grey | Orange | Yellow

Black | Red | Blue | Dark Blue

Properties  Flame Radiant | Tear Resistant | Visual Comfort | Dimenisional | Thermal Comfort

UV Resistant | Snow Resistant | Wind Resistant | Installation.

We are a trusted supplier and manufacturer of many Parking Shades with Pyramid Top structures such as Pyramid Top Support Car Parking Shades. These car parking systems with pyramid top support can be tailored to the customers’ plans and requirements. Because of their ease of installation and minimal maintenance, our pyramid car park shades are highly regarded by many customers. These top supported pyramid car park shades are offered at extremely competitive prices. Made from grade-on-one basic materials, these car parking shade structures offer long-lasting durability.

Please See Our Alternative Shade Design for The Vehicle Park.


5 reviews for Pyramid Bottom Support Car Parking Shades

  1. Leo Rodriguez

    I can’t believe the difference’s park n shade has made for my villa. It’s stylish and practical – a winning combination.

  2. Sofia Nakamura

    My villa feels complete with Car Ports polecar. It’s a beautiful addition that serves a crucial purpose.

  3. Isabella Nakamura

    Finally, my villa has a car parking roof that complements its beauty. It’s a head-turner, and I couldn’t be happier!

  4. Liam Patel

    The car wash shade structures are fantastic. They provide shelter and elevate the property’s appeal.

  5. Sofia Gupta

    The carport side sun shade is the best investment I’ve made. It’s stylish and practical.

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