PVC Wallmount Car Parking Shade

We offer high-quality PVC Wallmount Car Parking Shade in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and all states within the UAE, including all installations and supply services. The shades we provide are highly robust, suitable for UAE’s hot climate, and offer complete shade for cars, which will preserve the interior, glow, and shine of your vehicle for a long time. We offer custom-sized and standard-sized car park shades that have all the design and fabric calculations for shades. We use high-quality shading materials for car shades like Ferrari PVC Fabric, Mehler PVC, Knitted Mesh Fabric, PTFE Fabric, GRP Sheet, GI Sheet, K-Span Sheet, etc. We utilize galvanized steel structure, MS structure using epoxy, and steel structure for the shades, which will provide an extended life span for the wall mount parking shades. We offer a five to ten years guarantee on the structure of the parking shade and fabric.



PVC Wallmount Car Parking Shade best for the villa garage front



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