CNC Wallmount Car Parking Shades

Innovatively engineered to keep columns from being a danger to the side-walkers Wall mounted cantilevers are significant for shaded parking since their support columns are placed on the upper Wall of parking spaces, removing any chances for vehicles that turn into parking spaces to collide with the columns support.

Our Cantilever designs are especially effective when parking spaces only require shade. In parking situations where more excellent coverage is required for shading, like the lanes for driving, check out the Wall Mount Shade Solutions.

Of course, Wall Mount Shade Cantilevers include our unique Net Or PVC shade fabric with a range of colours to provide the best ventilation and protection against 99 per cent of the sun’s harmful U.V. radiation. Shade canopies also give the added benefit of protecting vehicles from hail damage.

And in the case of house shifting or severe weather, like sand storms, or for maintenance, removal and re-attachment of the canopy is simple as it is linked using a nut-and-bolt system that makes canopy removal easy and easy re-attachment.

Also, check out our page on night lighting for ideas to light your shade canopies to make your space more inviting at night.



CNC Wallmount car parking shades are available in Double and Single options, or you can customize them based on your requirements; Cantilevers provide stylish shade, ideal for areas where only parking spaces require shade.



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