Cantilever Car Parking Shade

Cantilever parking shade structures have become the most popular parking shade in all of United Arab Emirates. These shades are highly sought-after and popular in UAE due to their strength, durability and low price. You can install cantilever shade structures for one car or for many cars in series. These shades can be installed in single-bay or double-by design parking lots.

Cantilever parking shade structures have been designed to be strong and suitable for car parking applications. Cantilever Parking shade structures are used for large parking areas such as airport car parking, hotel parking, and car dealership areas.

You can find parking shades in a variety of fabrics and colors that provide greater protection and enhance the beauty of your environment. These shade structures offer protection against up to 99% of harmful UV rays. Standard and custom sizes are available for cantilever parking shades. Cantilever parking shades are available in standard sizes:

  • 6.0 m x 3.0 m (Good for 1 Car)
  • 6.0m x 6.0m (Good for 2 Cars)

You can modify the size of your item upon request.



Advantages Of Cantilever Car Parking Shade:

  • Fabric used in Cantilever Car Parking Shade structure is 100% high density with UV stabilization.
  • Environments beautified by strong anti-aging, sturdy energy-saving and long-lasting beauty.
  • Blocks 90% of UV damage
  • 20-year guarantee against UV.
  • Maintain vehicle’s shine.
  • Protect Windscreen Screen From Crack.
  • Reduce cracking in win screen.
  • Keep your electronics safe
  • Reduce heat in the car

Cantilever car park shade or Cantilever Car Parking Shade structures provide greater protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays.  Tent Shed manufacturers offers a wide range tent and shade options to its clients. These include cantilever parking shades structures in Dubai and Abu dhabi. Sharjah. Abu dhabi. Sharjah. Sharjah. Fujairah. umm Al Quwain. Saudi Arabia. South Africa. We also cater to the specific needs of our customers. you can also check our other car parking shades design that we are offering in UAE.

Fabric Useted For Cantilevershade Structure

  • PVC:

    Our PVC (POLYVINYL CHORIDE) tarpaulin, made from vinyl-coated polyester to support our cantilever Shades Structures, is made. PVC membranes, which are made from polyester base fabric, often have additional protective PVDF Fluoropolymer coats on both sides. This helps to protect the surface while also making it easy to clean. PVC fabric has a very common tensile structure with a life expectancy of over 20 years. PVC fabric also offers the highest overall value.

  • HDPE

    HDPE (High Density Polyester) mesh fabric is a heavy duty knitted shade that is used for shade structures, car parking shades, shade structure, and sail shades. Fabric is placed under large prepress. HDPE is ideal for large commercial parking shades. Specifications require fabric to be exposed to wind, rain and UV.

  • PTFE:

    POLYTETRAFLUOROETHYLENE IS A TEFLON-COATED WOVEN FIBERGLASS MEMBRANE THAT IS EXTREMELY DURABLE AND WEATHER RESISTANT. PTFE Fiber Glass membranes are suitable for installation in extreme climates, such as the cold arctic or scorching desert heat. The expected life of the project is over 30 years.

  • GRP:

    GRP fabric is a type fiber-reinforced polymer where the reinforcement fibers are specifically made of glass. Glass reinforced Plastic (GRP), is a lightweight, strong material that is ideal for parking shade applications.

3 reviews for Cantilever Car Parking Shade

  1. Luca Kim

    The villa version of Tentshed’s wall mount is the perfect addition to my property. Sturdy, stylish, and easy to install. Five stars!

  2. Sofia Garcia

    Top-notch quality!’s sun shades for carports exceeded my expectations. Durable and functional. Very satisfied.

  3. Isabella Nguyen nailed it! This sail car not only looks fantastic outside my villa but also keeps my car cool in the scorching heat. Highly recommended.

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