Canopy Shade

Canopy shade for car park are a fascinating and original design designed to shield your vehicle from harmful UV rays, high temperatures, and heavy rainfall across the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai. We employ high-end and unique outdoor fabrics such as shade net (HDPE), polycarbonates, and PVC for back supported car shade shades for parking.
canopy shade for car parking can be used as parking spaces for cars, and also as garage alternatives to protect and shade your vehicle. The design for parking shades can be just one car up to the length that your parking space is able to accommodate. The most well-liked size is suitable for two cars.



Best outdoor canopy for shade

Our canopy shade material has a density of between 80 and 100% waterproof. Our canopy shade fabric for cars is UV-treated and long-lasting, protecting your vehicle from damage caused by harmful UV rays and keeping it as clean as new! Back supported car shade can also be made using polycarbonate sheets, or PVC.
Each fabric comes with its own benefits and capabilities.

canopy shade PVC sheets are 100 percent waterproof and can last a that can last up to 10 years. canopy shade PVC is also 100percent water-proof and cost-effective.

Design changes are possible.

We’ve all heard about the damage caused by the sun to our precious vehicles. We’ve also experienced how it feels to get into a hot vehicle during the summer and not be capable of gripping the wheel! A well-designed shade structure will not only protect your vehicle from the weather, but also provide a beautiful visual appeal and be a great asset for your company as well.

Canopy Shade Car Parking

You’ve noticed that shade structures and carports that cantilever have been gaining in popularity as shade for car parks alternatives in shopping centers as well as hospital parking and home carports. The increasing demand for canopy shade from the customers is the reason for this growth and the advancement in technology has meant that the canopy shade structure for cars is dominating the market.

Car Parking Shades Designed according to your specifications

Shade to Order can design create, fabricate and build a cantilever shade structure that is custom-designed to meet your specific needs. We make use of high-end PVC fabric to protect your precious vehicle from sun damage and is also an attractive accent to your outdoor space.
canopy shade to Order can design from double and single bays that are suitable for commercial shopping centers as well as commercial parking spaces and even mass protection for vehicles for parking in fleets. Shade to Order is a market top player in top shades and weather-proofing.
We offer you an all-inclusive solution. Our quick-shade commercial canopy structures for parking spaces are fully designed, constructed, and built by our expert staff in-house.
We will help with the design phase and surveys to obtain approvals, certificates with additional cost, plus take care of foundations, installations, electrical and lighting works, and any other processes that are relevant.

Commercial Walkway canopy shade

The protection of your customers from elements of the sun and rain is essential in the summer. Shade To Order can design and construct a variety of elegant and functional walkways and canopy shade.

A shade expert can assist you:

If you require advice on the shade for your commercial vehicle parking structure, call Shade To Order to speak to a shade expert who has years of experience.
Shade To Order are multi award-winning designers and makers of high-tensile shade structures. Based in Newcastle you’ve been able to see their shade structures all over United Arab Emirates
Call us to get more details. Contact us at (+971) 55 804 7449

5 reviews for Canopy Shade

  1. Isabella Nakamura

    Finally, my villa has parking sheds that complements its beauty. It’s a head-turner, and I couldn’t be happier!

  2. Liam Kim

    I love how car parking car design have enhanced my villa’s look. They add style and practicality.

  3. Emma Patel

    The parking shade structure is a valuable addition to my villa. It adds elegance and protects my cars.

  4. Noah Nakamura

    The parking lot shade is a must-have for villa owners. It not only adds elegance but also protects your cars from the elements.

  5. Sofia Nakamura

    I’m thrilled with the car sail shade. It adds a touch of luxury to my property while keeping my car safe.

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