Arch Design Car Parking Shade

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Arch Design Car Parking Shades is an innovative design in car park shades. This Parking shade design can blend with any architectural structure. Parking shade arch is the perfect shade choice for residential and commercial buildings.

Arch Design car shade solutions provide maximum shade to your parking lot and park, while minimizing physical obstruction. These shades are commercially made and last a long time.

Arch Design shade uses world-class fabrics, such as HDPE, PVC, and PTFE. These fabrics protect your products form UV Rays. Arch Parking shades offers a wide range of benefits. It is Flame Radiant (Tee Resistant), Visual Comfort / Dimensional Thermal Comfort, UV Resistant. Snow Resistant. Arch Design Car parking shade:

Maintain shine and gloss on your vehicle.
Protect Windscreen Screen From Crack.
Reduce cracking of winscreen.
Keep your electronics safe
Reduce Heat in the Vehicle


Features Description
Available Sizes Arch Design Car Parking Shade Available in Different Sizes and steel material

according to the requirements and parking shade Design.

Standard Sizes Are:

  • 6.0m x 3.0m (Good For 1 Car)
  • 6.0m x 6.0m (Good For 2 Car)

Size can be Modified as Per request.

Fabric PVC, PTFE and HDPE
Structure MS Structure, GI Structure and Hot Deep Galvanize.
Color Options White | Cream | Green | Dark Green

Dark Grey | Grey | Orange | Yellow

Black | Red | Blue | Dark Blue

Properties  Flame Radiant | Tear Resistant | Visual Comfort | Dimenisional | Thermal Comfort

UV Resistant | Snow Resistant | Wind Resistant | Installation.

Know More About Arch Car Parking Shades

Arch Design Car Parking Shade, It’s the most stunning shade structure for automobiles with a canopy that you’ve ever seen! The arch design used in the car parking shade structures is a modern interpretation of the classic design. No matter what architectural structures or structures are in the vicinity the arch design is sure to work effectively. Tension awnings for parking cars for commercial and residential structures can be used to park cars right in front of businesses or homes.

The Arch Style Automotive Shed Roofing (Arch Design Car Parking Shade) is a modern style to cover car parking lots shade and carports. The appearance of these car park shade structures is compatible with the architectural structure and constructions. The arched shade for parking is the ideal shade for parking spaces that are used in commercial and residential construction projects.

A Protective Shield

Arch Design Car Parking Shade canvas-covered structures offer the greatest amount of shade, while also requiring the minimum amount of physical barriers parking. Arch Car Parking Shades are also the most effective means of protective shield from the harmful sun rays and ultraviolet radiation of the sun. The arched park shades are built to commercial standards and are therefore robust and durable.

Created to shield your belongings against UV rays, arch-style shades (Arch Design Car Parking Shade) are constructed of high-quality materials like PVC, PTFE, and ETFE. There is a considerable amount of benefits by using this arched park shade because it comes with numerous beneficial characteristics including tear resistance, flame radiation visually comfortable, temperature comfort, UV resistant snow resistance and resistance to wind.

Car Parking Shades Structures Arch Design Car Parking Shades Structures Advantages:

  1. Stop cracks in the air curtain from developing.
  2. Make sure your car is protected from harmful UV ultraviolet rays as well as the rain.
  3. Maintain the shine of the car and shine.
  4. A reduction in the amount of cracks on the screen’s surface
  5. Make sure you keep all your electronic devices secure in your car.
  6. Reduce the temperature of the car.

Tent Shed is dedicated to providing customers with the best high-quality arch parking structures, arched car parking shades, and car parking membranes with tensile, along with fast and prompt service.

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